What if we told you there is something you can do to completely transform your day? Mindfulness has the power to do this. Even squeezing in three minutes between errands to practice can make a world of a difference by centering you and elevating your thoughts above the many demands you face. 

Mindfulness is an effective technique that emphasizes an awareness of the present moment, acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. There are many benefits of practicing mindfulness, some of which include a greater connection with the body, making it possible to act in its interest better; a dramatic reduction in one’s levels of stress and anxiety; and improvements in memory, concentration, and cognitive ability. 

One of the easiest ways to practice mindfulness is to use an app. We’ve compiled a list of our five favorite apps that will help get you started with this therapeutic technique. These are apps available on both iPhone and Android.

  1. Mindfulness App is a great option for timed guided and silent meditations which range from 3-30 minutes, depending on what you need. Other options in the app include personalized meditation recommendations, reminders, and statistics. (Price: Free with optional in-app purchases;)
  1. Headspace offers personalized plans based on your answers, with great meditations for daytime and nighttime use. Start your day with an inspiring story, bust through a bad mood with energizing workouts, and sleep soundly with a dreamy soundscape. Besides soundscapes, you can also try music or storytelling for deeper sleep. (Price: Free with optional in-app purchases; $13/mo, $70/yr)
  1. Calm is an award-winning app that offers calming exercises, breathing techniques, and a sleep stories section with the voice talent of some of your favorite actors. You can try master classes by world renown experts. There’s even a kids section to help 3-17 year olds develop a healthy habit of mindfulness practice. (Price: Free with optional in-app purchases; $15/mo, $70/yr)
  1. Insight Timer is the most popular meditation app, with a rich library of 70,000 meditation and music tracks and 80+ or more free guided meditations added every single day. With topics as varied and interesting as building habits to deeper sleep to chanting and manifesting, there is bound to be something of interest for every user. Single time meditations are available, as are courses that range in length from 5-30 days. There are dedication sections for parents, sleep, and even yoga. You can even create group meditations with your circle. Give this award winning app a try. (Free with optional in-app purchase; $10/mo, $60/yr)
  1. Happy Not Perfect is as good a centering app as it sounds, reminding us that life doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and that a changed attitude can completely transform your experience. There is a Happiness Workout, an 8 step routine to boost feel good hormones and relax your nervous system. You might also benefit from the Sleep Wind-down to release worries for a better night’s sleep. The app developers pride themselves on partnering with scientists and expert guides for their content. There are over 500 mindfulness sessions to choose from. (Free with in-app purchases; $10/mo, $60/yr)

Health is just one appointment away. Take the next step today.